Meet Kate

Hi, I’m Kate Watson and I shoot love.

When I look at family photo albums, my heart is captured by candid photos — the shot of my grandmother catching butterflies with her siblings, one of my 8-year-old mom turning cartwheels in her front yard, or a photo of mom and me jumping in a pile of pine straw.  These images are beautiful and precious to me because they are real.  They provide true and meaningful insight into my family, documenting who we were and what our relationship was like at that moment in time.

That is what my work is about. Here is what I believe:

Life passes by quickly. I see it as my responsibility to preserve your memories in a beautiful and meaningful way by creating timeless images that combine real moments and natural expressions with an elegant aesthetic. Your baby’s first steps, your family’s fun day at the beach or your wedding day, I help you to preserve those moments today…before they slip away forever.

An emphasis on real emotions and real interactions.  My work celebrates the beauty of everyday moments, the art of life.  My style is non-traditional, artistic and documentary in nature. That means I provide minimal posing and direction during sessions. Instead, I quietly observe as you interact with your loved ones, waiting for the pinnacle of the moment to snap the perfect shot.

Preserving moments, creating memories. I see the world in images – composing visual stories that emphasize your authentic interactions and emotions, and capturing images that current and future generations will treasure.

I have been passionate about photography since the age of 16, when I purchased my first SLR camera with babysitting money.  Over the years I’ve studied many styles of photography, but I keep returning to an exploration of the unique and lasting connections between people.  In the simplest terms, I shoot love…the love between father and daughter, siblings, grandparents and grandkids, couples new and not-so-new, even a guy and his four-legged friend.

If my style and point of view speak to you, I would love to connect.

Email: kate[AT]
Phone: (650)206-8882


 Some of my favorite photos from my family’s history
(That’s me in the top left corner with Mom and, in the top right corner, taking my first steps)